the Harvest House is a destination for organic produce and products that are both healthy for you and delicious . We source local and organic produce and other products from farmers we know and partners we trust, supporting our communities and creating meaningful relationships with those around us. We exist to create an environment for our customer where passion and purpose come together with a goal to create meaningful connections every day from our farm to your family's table!

What Are We all About?

Harvest Crates

These are the "core" of what we do!  Each week we fill a certain number of Harvest Crates to the brim with all ORGANIC fruits and veggies PLUS a homemade loaf of bread and eggs (only at the [email protected] Farm). We have 2 sizes of Crates.  Standard crate and petite crates. Our bread maker makes a variety of over 10 different breads so you will never get bored! Our Farm Foodie designs recipes around what will be in your Harvest Crate each week.  We include these recipes in your Harvest Crate (via e-mail or hard copies) that will provide you with easy, delicious and nutritious family favorites!

Your Harvest Crate has a pre-determined selection of fruits and veggies and may include (7-10) items such as strawberries, lettuce, onions, potatoes, apples,pears, kale, peppers, tomatoes,etc.  Each weeks Harvest Crate will be different, making sure you and our family won't get bored with the selection! 

What is the cost?

We are divided into 2 seasons, each 15 weeks long.  The first season runs from April - July and the second runs from August- November.  Deadline for sign up for Season 1 is April 1 and Season 2 is June 1.  We have 2 different sized crates. Standard Harvest Crate costs $28...and you will receive approximately 7-10 different ORGANIC fruits and veggies along with your loaf of bread and eggs.(Eggs are not in our mobile market crate, but we do not charge a delivery fee either) Petite Crate cost $19 per week has 4-6 Organic fruits and veggies along with 1/2 loaf of homemade bread and eggs (eggs not mobile crates) We prefer payment for the entire season upfront, but we also offer a payment plan for no additional charge...you will make a total of 4 payments...1st one due at sign up and the additional 3 at the first pick up of the month.  We accept cash, check or credit card, but there is a 3% processing fee for credit cards.  You will be sent an invoice via your e-mail after sign up to complete payment!

Ways to have your Harvest Crate prepared

If you choose to come to the [email protected] Farm (Feasby Wisener Rd) for your Harvest Crate, you will come on in to the Harvest House at the farm and use a shopping list to fill your own Harvest Crate, Plus, you will get to shop around the market with has all kinds of goodies including cheese, coffee, tea, honey, granola, jams, salsas, trailmixes and more. 

If you choose the Mobile Market (located on Westwood Dr Van Wert) We will have your Harvest Crate all packed for you and ready to go!!!  Either way you are sure to go home with the most awesome bounty nature has to offer!

Where are you located/Pick Up

Our [email protected] Farm is located at 8403 Feasby Wisener Rd Convoy, OH 45832, about 3 miles off of US 30. When you choose this location for your pick up,you can shop our market as well as pick up your organic fruits and veggies bread and eggs!

If you choose to pick up your Harvest Crate at our Mobile Market (located on Westwood Dr. Van Wert), we will have your crate all packed up and ready to go for you...all you have to do is stop by and pick it up!

Feel free to "click" the top of this web page on "location" for a better idea of where we are at.You will pick up your Harvest Crate here each week (depending on which location you choose on the sign up page). You can "click" on the Pick up schedule at the top of this web page for more information on pick up!

 We are a "member" only farm

In order to ensure that we can fill everyone's Harvest Crate to the brim, we only fill a certain number of crates's each season, We assign everyone a member number to keep track of the number of harvest crates we have available. Once we fill the number that we have available for a season, we can put you on a waiting list for the next season. Our "memberships" fill up VERY quickly so don't wait to become a Harvest House "FARMily"member!

Sign UP

If you are ready to become a "FARMily" member, you can either "click" the top of this web page on "sign up" or call April at 567-259-8772 or e-mail at [email protected]

  Please see the "sign up" page for additional information!!!

Other Products We Offer

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Raw Honey

We are so excited to offer Raw Ohio Honey!  We have partnered with a local family that will be providing all of our honey to the Harvest House in 1, 2 and 5# bottles!

All Natural Cheese

We also offer local, cheese,  made right here in our area!  The dairy sources all local milk and without use of any antibiotics or hormones.  Awesome creaminess, and variety of flavors!

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Ohio Maple Syrup

It doesn't get much better than fresh maple syrup, tapped from the trees right here in Ohio.  My pancakes would not be the same without this maple syrup!!!  We offer it in quarts and pints!

Coffee/Loose Leaf Teas:

Hazelnut Coffee Company

WOW!  What can I say...this coffee rocks!  It is roasted and prepared by Jeff and Patti Hazel (located in Celina, Oh).  They pour their heart and soul into making every bean they roast the best you will ever taste!  We also will carry thier loose leaf teas which are delicious...hot or cold..So happy they are part of our Harvest House!

 Pasta: Big Brick House Bakery

This homemade pasta can't be beat! We

sourced the most nutritious, delicious noodles you will ever find (and made within 30 miles)of the Harvest House.  The wheat for the noodles is stone ground daily and is made with all natural ingredients and flavors.  We offer a variety of flavors and styles including, tomato basil, spinach, whole wheat, red pepper, and more!

Organic Whole Grains:

Stutzman Farms

We our proud to offer products from Stutzman Farms located in Holmes County Ohio.  This certified Organic grain farm is able to provide all of our grains, rice, and other pantry items including flours, granola, rice, and much, much more!

Food for Thought

If it was made from a plant....eat it! If it was made in a plant....don't!

-Author unknown